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Trainwell (CoPilot) Resistance Bands

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Immediately add 100's of new exercises to your workouts with the trainwell Resistance Bands 150LB Set!
These bands make working out at home, at the office or on vacation a breeze. The bands are 48" long and come with 10LB, 20LB, 30LB, 40LB & 50LB increments (combined total of 150LBs). It also comes with a small travel bag to make sure you can get a quick workout in wherever life takes you.

Set of 5 resistance bands made from lightweight and durable 100% TPE rubber (non-latex)

  • 10 LB
  • 20 LB
  • 30LB
  • 40LB
  • 50LB

Also includes:

  • 2 handles with sweat-proof cushioned grips
  • 1 door anchor
  • 2 ankle/leg straps
  • 1 portable CoPilot drawstring bag 

Don't forget to tell your coach to add these to your equipment list!